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Trailer wraps are the new best thing to help you market your business and rake in profits. We have the right marketing tools to help you create attractive and durable wraps for your cars and trucks.

There are a lot of opportunities to create high-quality trailer wraps. We can provide you with the right kind for whatever type of business you have. If you are a delivery service, a road transport company, or a commercial trailer, we can help you promote your business professionally. We also have a team of creative designers that can help you do it in the right style that encapsulates your brand identity.

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    Trailer Wraps and Semi Trucks

    Semi-trucks are common on the road as they deliver the goods we need from one location to another. They’re large so even if they’re parked at a distribution center, they’re very noticeable. Most of these trucks only carry their company name on them, which is a mistake because with the right design, semi-trucks become a serious marketing asset.

    A lot of companies spend large sums to advertise their brand on locations where they can reach the highest number of consumers. With a semi-truck that travels hundreds of thousands of miles, a brand should grab this kind of opportunity. If you’re serious about getting your money’s worth, imagine trailer wraps for your semi-trucks as a way of advertising.

    Trailer Wraps and Box Trailers

    If your business uses a box-style trailer, Brantford Signs And Graphics can supply you with durable trailer wraps to promote your brand. Trailer wraps can also protect your trailer which means it is very cost efficient. Trailer wraps do not simply mean wrapping a box trailer, it takes knowledge and creativity to create the right wrap to uplift your business. A vehicle that moves across multiple locations must have the right look to carry your brand identity.

    Full truck graphics for advertisement in Brantford, FL

    Large Format Custom Trailer Wraps

    There are many different elements to create the perfect trailer wrap for your business. The right design, the budget, and the people who will see your trailer wraps are just a few of the important elements.

    It is also very important to consider what type of vehicle you have and if how large of an area you want to cover. If you are interested in catering to a huge area of your trailer, we have large-format trailer wraps for you. Imagine a billboard size brand touchpoint for your business that can travel for miles.

    Custom Trailer Wraps Lettering

    Getting trailer wraps for your business may not be an easy endeavor. Some companies do it slowly by starting on custom vinyl lettering for their trailers. Brantford Signs And Graphics can help you decide the best looking trailer wraps lettering that are sure to attract potential customers. They’re also experts on the legal regulations to follow for this kind of setup. You just can’t do it on your own. You need the experts!

    Cohesive Fleet Vehicle Trailer Wraps

    We have the capacity to cater to different kinds of vehicles. We can customize trailer wraps that can complement the different vehicles on your entire fleet.

    Full-Service Trailer Wraps Manufacturing in Brantford

    At Brantford Signs And Graphics we specialize in trailer wraps. We have a team of skilled staff that can help you in every step of creating a wrap for your vehicles. Quality design? Excellent manufacturing? Durable installation? Our team can handle everything for you.

    We can create a mock design for your trailer wraps and show you how it will look when installed on your vehicles. You can give your feedback and we will make the necessary changes until we reach the best design. Our services don’t end after installation. After your wraps have been installed, we offer maintenance and repairs on your vehicle wrap if necessary.

    Free Trailer Wraps Consultation

    Are you ready to rake in profits and install the trailer wraps on your fleet?

    Call Brantford Signs And Graphics today at 647-388-5204 for a Free Consultation with a Trailer Wraps Specialist!