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Appealing, dynamic, and eye-catching, custom dimensional letters signs and graphics are a great choice for businesses that are looking to stand out from the competition and catch the eyes of the customers.

Also known as 3D letters or raised letters, dimensional letters are custom text or shapes producing depth and adding an element of creativity to an otherwise blank space. These signs are molded or fabricated from solid material.

If a business is looking to improve visibility, durability, and professional appearance, dimensional signage is the perfect solution for them.

Brantford Signs And Graphics approves that brandable dimensional letters open up a lot of possibilities for just about any organization. Regardless of the nature of your business, dimensional letters can work in any area.

When it comes to raised lettering, we provide a customized solution that is specifically designed to be highly visible and enhance your marketing reach. Brantford Signs And Graphics uses the most appropriate materials that produce fantastic results after the installation of your dimensional signs. If you are looking to generate high visibility for your Brantford business, we have the right solution for you!

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    Captivating Storefront Signage

    Storefront signs are always one of the main exterior signs of your business. They act as the face of your brand and if you choose custom dimensional lettering; you can never go wrong. The visibility that dimensional letters provide is very healthy for any business. In most cases, they are installed right at the face of the business, but they are also good to be added on pole signs, monument signs, and message boards. One of the closest replacements of the dimensional letters is channel letter signs.

    Though 3D letters aren’t made for illuminated faces, Brantford Signs And Graphics can include spotlights, backlighting, or outline lighting during dimensional letter installation, in order to boost their visibility in the dark hours.

    Engaging Indoor Lettering Signs

    Dimensional letters are not only suitable for an attractive outdoor appearance, they can rejuvenate your interiors when used as lobby signs. An appealing sign showcasing your brand’s logo next to the waiting room will catch a lot of attention from visitors. Custom dimensional signs used at reception or lobby areas have a lot of variety as their design can include your brand elements to display a cohesive appearance. With additional upgrades such as lighting, mounting options, and more our dimensional lettering can be used as impactful and attractive directional signage as well.

    Despite the name “3D letters”, our dimensional lettering solutions are not restricted to just letters, you can have logos, numbers, images, or a blend of any elements mounted within or outside your commercial facility. Brantford Signs And Graphics has a team of experienced sign makers that will produce outstanding interior as well as exterior signs that will suit the distinct style of your brand. If you are dreaming of a true 3-dimensional appearance for your brand, dimensional letters from Brantford Signs And Graphics will be the right investment for your business.

    Type of 3D Letters Materials We Offer

    We develop dimensional lettering and graphics from a wide variety of materials that perfectly blends with the style of your brand. Depending upon your requirements and our analysis, they can be produced from light foam, wood, plastic, and metal to contribute to your dimensional lettering project.

    Plastic is becoming an increasingly popular choice due to its sturdy nature and affordability. It’s preferred for many outdoor signs. It also includes further choices like vinyl, PVC, acrylic, and coroplast.

    For interior signs, metal is one of the most preferred material due to its classy appeal and its long-lasting nature. Metals that are commonly used for sign making include brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. Many business owners prefer light foam for attractive, large-format letters as they are durable, sturdy, lightweight, and thick. There are a lot of options to choose from, but don’t worry our experts will always assist you in making the right decision that will fulfill your business objectives without burning your pockets.

    Full-Service Sign Company In Brantford

    Brantford Signs And Graphics is a one-stop-shop for all your signage needs. we offered limitless personalization options for all types of custom business signs and graphics. Whether you are looking to persuade more customers to enter your facility, enhance your brand’s reach, solidify your brand or looking to up the game of your visual communication, our dimensional letters, images, and logos will fulfill all the needs of your unique Brantfordbusiness.

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