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Channel letter signs are one of the most popular choices for building signage across all types of businesses and industries.

Channel letter signs are extremely flexible and versatile which enables them to meet most any brand requirements and design choices. Whether you are looking for an illuminated business sign, flat dimensional letters, or a combination of both, we have got you covered.

Brantford Signs And Graphics is your local provider of professional business signs, with on-time delivery and quality signage solutions that fit your budget.

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    Storefront Channel Letter Signs

    If you are looking for a tried and tested exterior sign for your storefront, you should go with channel letters. They are 3D signs fabricated by cutting metal sheets into individual letters, numbers, images, or symbols. These individual design elements are secured to a frame such as a raceway sign or can even be flush-mounted directly to your building.

    Channel letter signs can be designed into any shape or size that can cover your name, slogan, and even your brand’s logo. We offer a wide variety of colors, size, font, and lighting options to complement your brand guidelines and deliver a spectacular appearance to your message.

    Channel Letters are most popular for retail stores, office buildings, grocery stores, malls, shopping centers, manufacturing facilities, schools, churches, and other organizations.

    Dimensional Letters

    Dimensional letter signs are pretty similar to channel letters as they both have individually crafted elements. In the case of channel letters, there is an empty channel that allows for illumination, whereas dimensional letters are cut from solid sheets of metal acrylic or any other material. They also offer many different sizes, styles, colors, fonts, and variations in thickness in order to match any brand’s expectations.

    Brantford Signs And Graphics creates attractive dimensional letter signs that complement your business appearance and build trust in the eyes of customers. They are an ideal choice for restaurants, retail stores, offices, malls, manufacturing, and are even a great option for indoor signs or lobby signs.

    Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

    With the addition of LED backlights, channel letters have the potential to really make your brand name stand out. They boost visibility and make your sign to be easily seen at night and in poor weather conditions. We handle all aspects of this process, including securing the sign, safe installation of electrical elements, and even clean up.

    If you are running a commercial facility that remains open during the evening or night hours, a backlit channel letter sign can make a huge difference in your ability to welcome new customers. These signs are ideal for nightclubs, theaters, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, comedy clubs, convenience stores, and gas stations, but can work well for any business that wants to set itself apart.

    Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

    As a full-service local sign company in Brantford, FL, we can provide fast turnaround times, high-quality products, and a dedicated team of experts that can help you in choosing the right signage solution for your business.

    We are ready to meet all your signage requirements including interior signs, exterior signs, vehicle wraps and graphics, event signage, banner printing, and all other forms of custom business signs that can elevate your brand and improve the reach of your business in Brantford.

    Call Brantford Signs And Graphics today at 647-388-5204 for a Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation!